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26/07/16: Suicide Prevention Inquiry Launched

The Commons Select Committee on Health has launched an inquiry into the action which is necessary to improve suicide prevention in England. The Committee invites written submissions on the following points:

  • The factors influencing the increase in suicide rates, with a focus on particularly at-risk groups
  • The social and economic costs of suicide and attempted suicide
  • The measures necessary to tackle increasing suicide rates, and the barriers to doing so—in particular the Committee will consider the role of:
  1. Local authorities and partner organisations, including police, transport police, the rail industry, fire services, schools, youth services, and drug and alcohol services
  2. Mental health services and other parts of secondary care, including A&E and psychiatric liaison services
  3. Primary care services
  4. Referrals from non-statutory services - local support groups, faith groups, carers, friends and family
  5. Examples of best practice, including those from other countries
  • Media reporting of suicide, the effectiveness of guidelines for the reporting of suicide, and the role of social media and suicidal content online
  • The value of data collection for suicide prevention, and the action necessary to improve the collection of data on suicide.

Anyone making submissions to the Committee are welcome to address any or all of the above points and any other comments on or information about suicide and suicide prevention work can also be brought to its attention. The closing date for submissions is 9th September 2016. More information is available from

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