The following provides a summary of the specific benefits available to members of the Association. If you require any further information then please contact our head office and ask to be put in touch with your local or regional official.

Local and National Representation

Members benefit from individual representation locally by serving FRS middle managers and experienced National Officers who are all retired FRS middle managers. No longer do middle managers have to rely on representation from staff with a different FRS perspective who do not understand managers' issues. The Association occupies a seat on the employees side of the Middle Managers Negotiating Body of the National Joint Council for Local Authority Fire and Rescue Services, which negotiates pay and conditions of service for FRS uniformed middle managers.

Hgh Quality Legal Representation

Members have access to excellent legal representation available through a firm of solicitors with a breadth of experience dealing with employment related issues.

Optional Group Insurance Scheme

Free Scheme Membership for First 3 Months

Subject to acceptance, memberhip of the Insurance Scheme is free for the first three months.

The FOA Scheme represents exceedingly good value for money as con be seen in a comparison of Scheme benefits and costs against high street prices which can be viewed HERE

Please note that, due to the provision of life cover, an Scheme application form (available from the following link


or on request to Head Office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) must be completed; this form requires a health-related declaration to be signed. Acceptance into the Scheme and collection of premiums will normally commence from the date that the signed form is received at FOA Head Office. However, anyone unable to sign the declaration will be required to complete a more comprehensive health questionnaire (LINK TO FULL APPLICATION FORM) and membership of the Scheme cannot commence until the insurer confirms acceptance. In of the above cases, Application forms should be returned to Head Office by post and premiums will not be collected prior to acceptance.

The scheme continues to provides good value, low cost insurance for several types of risk covered by one combined monthly premium. These highly preferential rates are available to fully paid up members only.

To be eligible to receive benefits from the Insurance Scheme, membership must be continuous, i.e. anyone leaving the Scheme will not normally be entitled to re-join. New applications for membership of the FOA insurance Scheme can only be accepted from full members of the Association. However, Associate FOA members will retain access to Insurance where they were members of the Scheme prior to becoming an Associate member subject to Scheme membership being continuous.

Membership of the scheme includes the following insurance cover:

1. Accident / Injury Cover

Accidental death £25.000

Permanent total disblement £25.000

Permanent Disabling Injuries - scale of Injuries

Compensation under item 3 Permanent Disabling Injuries as shown in the Schedule for category C & D is extended to include the following benefit subject to a maximum total of 100% in the aggregate.

1. Total loss of use of:

a. back or spine (excluding cervical) without cord involvement


b. neck or cervical spine without cord involvement


c. shoulder, elbow or wrist


d. hip, knee or ankle


2. Total loss of use of:

a. foot below the level of the ankle (talo-tibial joint)


b. thumb


c. one forefinger otr big toe


d. any other finger


d. any other toe


Hospitalisation Benefit up to 14 nights - £35 per night

Tempoprary total disablement due to accident (up to 104 weeks after 14 days) £35 per week (on or off duty)

Please note that the above benefits are only available to members who are less than 65 years' of age all other benefits are available to age 70. However, special terms may be available to members older than 70 on application to the Association.

2. Life Insurance (Death by any cause)

In addition to Section 1 above, £10,000 payable on the death of a member.

3. Travel Insurance (UK and World Wide)

Insurance cover is provided on an annual basis and applies to the member, member’s spouse and dependant children under 22 years of age if travelling with the member or spouse. Cover is provided for a maximum period of 60 days in any one-year commencing 1st January, but this may be extended subject to confirmation prior to travel. Now includes cover for natural disasters. Winter sports are included but this is not a bespoke winter sports policy

4. Family Legal Expenses

Covers matters arising from Personal Injury / Consumer Disputes / Home Rights / Taxation / Employment (non fire service) / Criminal prosecution / motoring identity theft protection.

Provides a 24 Hour Legal Help Line for non fire and rescue service matters.

5. Emergency Dental Treatment

24-hour, worldwide cover for dental injury up to 4 incidents per year at £2,500 each / Worldwide emergency dental treatment for pain , hemorrhage, acute infection or health threatening condition / Hospital cash benefit - admission for dental or maxillofacial surgery / Mouth cancer cover - up to £12,000 towards treatment / 24 hour, worldwide emergency helpline to locate a dentist anywhere in the world.

6. Identity Theft Protection

Up to £50,000 per person to cover lawyers and ancillary fees arising from ID theft.

7. Home Assistance Cover

24 hour, 365 day household cover for call-out of tradesmen to deal with domestic emergencies relating to the under-noted areas where problems might arise: - Main heating system / Plumbing and drainage / Home security / Domestic power supply / Lost keys / Vermin infestation / Alternative accommodation costs.

8. UK and European Motor Breakdown Cover

Cover extends to both the member and their partner for: -

  • Roadside assistance / Recovery of a vehicle and up to 6 persons to a garage or to home if not repairable
  • Home assistance within a radius of 1 mile of member's home address
  • Up to £100 towards alternative travel or car hire and cost of rail ticket to collect a vehicle
  • Emergency overnight accommodation for up to 6 persons (£60 for lone traveller or £40 per person)/Message service providing up to two messages to your home or place of work
  • Caravans and trailers, less than 7m in length, repaired or recovered with the vehicle if roadside repair is not possible
  • In the event of lost keys, call out and mileage to recovery operator's base.
  • Also covers assistance in the event of a motoring accident, fire or vandalism.

Cover also applies to cars, motorcycles, campervan/motorhomes and non-commercial vans under 3.5 tonnes.

9. Mobile Phone Cover

Scheme members and their partners are covered against the repair or replacement cost of their mobile phones in the event of:

  • Theft / accidental loss / accidental damage / breakdown whilst in their possession.
  • The liability of any one claim or aggregate in any 12 month period is limited to £1,000. A £75 excess is payable per claim.

This package is available for only £15.00 per month if you are younger than 65 and,

£15.50 per month if older than 65.

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